Colnago: 46 years & Celebrating The Merckx’s Hour

 In the picture, taken at the   Vigorelli Velodrome in Milan   in October 1972 (before leaving for Mexico City), note   Ernesto Colnago holding the record bike (a mechanical in suits!)  , at his side Eddy Merckx and Ole Ritter, with black leather jacket.

In the picture, taken at the Vigorelli Velodrome in Milan in October 1972 (before leaving for Mexico City), note Ernesto Colnago holding the record bike (a mechanical in suits!), at his side Eddy Merckx and Ole Ritter, with black leather jacket.

On 25th of October 1972 the great Eddy Merckx beat the Ole Ritter’s hour record. On the track of Mexico City, at 2,300 meters of altitude above sea level, the Belgian champion has reached 49.409, 68 km.

The previous record set by the Danish champion is beaten by 755 meters. The performance is amazing because we must return to the beginning of the century to find a runner capable of improving the previous limit with a higher margin. Alongside Merckx was Ernesto Colnago who has built for him a futuristic bike for that time.

The bike, weighing just 5 kilos and 650 grams, took about 200 hours of work and could boast some unique details such as the lightweight steel frame, the chain with all perforated mesh to gain about 100 grams. The titanium stem welded in the United States in Detroit. The tubulars of just 80 grams. What remains of that record? The incredible strength of Merckx and the willingness of Ernesto Colnago that has always improved the bike, while retaining the classic features and has never invented for the sake of inventing. But that was 46 years ago!

Thule: Outfit Your Ride

Thule: Outfit Your Ride

Thule is there to help you transport stuff to your next destination, so you are free to live the active life. From bike racks and roof racks to cargo carriers and baskets, Thule has got you covered. Learn more about custom outfitting.

Hailey Elise: Deep Summer Photo Challenge

Hailey Elise: Deep Summer Photo Challenge

72 hours was all Hailey Elise had to gather a team, shoot, edit, and produce a slideshow of mountain biking photos. The 2018 Deep Summer Photo Challenge pitted 6 world class acton photographers against each other in search of the best mountain bike themed story during the Crankworx in Whistler. Hailey entered the competition as a Wild Card People's Choice photographer.

We couldn't be more proud of our team artist and Juliana Ambassador. Watch the brilliant photography piece that landed her in 3rd place overall:

SERFAS: Understanding Bike Tire Tread Design


A Brief Overview To Understanding Bike Tire Tread Design

Imagine planning a road trip…

…and on this road trip you will traverse various types of road surfaces and weather conditions, you will cruise long stretches of smooth comfortable highway, encounter tight mountain switchbacks, as well as washboard dirt roads littered with rocks leading to some out-of-the-way camp site locations in the deep woods. With vehicle cargo capacity disregarded, for this journey what vehicle do you imagine driving — Porsche 911? Jeep Wrangler? A big Cadillac Escalade?

Choosing the right tires for your bike is a similar experience depending on the style of riding you want to accomplish, the style of ride you enjoy most, acceptable compromises of performance to function and ability, and also the kind of environmental challenges you may encounter. For instance, if you most favor those winding hairpin mountain switchbacks you’re probably going to choose the Porsche 911… but will the 911 also get you down those rough dirt roads to your campsite? A Jeep Wrangler will certainly allow you to enjoy the off-road driving taking you to your campsite, but you’re probably getting zero thrills getting there when slowly navigating through those mountainous switchbacks in a Wrangler.

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July 23 by, Serfas

CamelBak ProRider 6' 8" Nate and the Whiskey Off-Road

CamelBak ProRider 6' 8" Nate and the Whiskey Off-Road

The Whiskey Off-Road is a triple threat: the event combines a three-day party, an amateur mountain bike race, and an elite competition into one weekend in Prescott, Arizona. The race is named after Prescott’s famed “Whiskey Row”— a saloon-lined stretch of South Montezuma Street. The centerpiece of the event is a 50-mile race that takes riders through some of the area’s best scenery as they compete on everything from paved trail to jeep roads and singletrack. According to veteran riders, the race features every possible type of terrain—except for flat ground.

Unlike other event organizers, the folks at Epic Rides are focused on culture just as much as competition—they want to make each event an all-around celebration of mountain biking. In addition to the elite competition, each weekend features some shorter events that are accessible to people who are new to the sport, plus concerts and parties for spectators who aren’t there to race.

We followed CamelBak Proto Team rider 6'8" Nate on this year's Whiskey Off-Road course, and talked to him about what it's like to walk away from a desk job and devote yourself to bikes full-time. In his words, “I would suffer through a 50-mile hill climb any day over sitting in a conference room for 8 hours of meetings.”

- CamelBak Story by Kate Worteck

Benno eJoy 9D – Do More, Carry More, Conquer The World


This is not the first time Benno founder and owner Benno Baenziger has brought joy into my life. In 2004, he and his then-partner and cofounder at Electra Bicycle Company visited BICYCLING with a fleet of stylish, innovative cruiser bikes. I couldn’t take my eyes off the three-speed Revil—a red chopper with orange flames and an ape-hanger handlebar. I’d never seen a bike quite like it.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 1.26.10 PM.png

But those cool cruisers were more than just a novelty. They were a huge leap toward a lofty goal: “to get more people on bikes,” says Benno. To do that, Electra used two ingredients: comfort and style. “It always bothered me, though, that our bikes couldn’t do more,” he said.

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Dometic's Top Ten

2018 has been a great year for Dometic pulling in 10 new awards for the 2018 year!

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 1.48.31 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 1.48.37 PM.png

And with customers reviews like these we can see why! We’re proud to represent the brand and congratulate them on this award -winning year!

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 1.50.39 PM.png

Colnago C-RS Review


A Game Changing Colnago?

It was good advice as the C40 was an absolute classic. It was, at the time, what appeared to be the perfect blend of style and performance and was the bike I would ride immediately before riding any review bikes to get a baseline for what a good bike should be. So I would tend to be in agreeance that everyone should own a least one Colnago. The problem with that however is that not everyone can afford a top line Colnago and some of the more affordable models have often fallen short of the mark. The new C-RS though could be the bike to change all that.

Classic Features, Modern Twist

The C-RS is not classic Colnago, but it could be seen to be a reimagining, or reworking of the classic features with a modern twist. In a way it reflects my own feelings about cycling; I love the traditions that cycling has embedded in its history, yet equally I enjoy the path of technological advancement that cycling is taking. I respect that cycling had rules around the team kits, but was cheering for Mario Cipollini when he thumbed his nose at those very rules.

The C-RS is what Colnago are calling their ‘entry level’ road bike however this statement could be a little misleading as it certainly doesn’t look like an entry level road bike. The C-RS cuts a fine figure and is unmistakeably Colnago thanks to the bold white on black decals which include the famous name, Ernesto Colnago’s signature and the equally recognisable Colnago ‘ace of clubs’. The C-RS would easily hold its own in any café line up even against bikes costing more than twice as much.


Also very typically of Colnago are the heavily shaped tubes and straight fork, and equally the quirky sizing on their models, so it is best to do your homework on the geometry charts before taking the leap.

Affordable Quality

While $3,599 may not be everyone’s idea of an entry level price tag it is certainly a great price for a premium brand bike, and it has to be said that the Colnago C-RS Colnago isn’t kitted out like any other brands interpretation of entry level.

The C-RS is equipped with Shimano’s ever reliable Ultegra groupset in its rim brake version. While disc brakes certainly seem to be on trend at the moment in 99% of on road riding situations the current crop of rim brakes are certainly more than adequate and it also means that those who like to pin on a number are able to fully utilize the C-RS for racing duties.

The C-RS has avoided any cost cutting by substitution of brands, and carries the Ultegra spec from top to toe. The crankset is the 50-34 compact variety with 172.5 cranks, and while compact cranks are not everyone’s cup of tea they are becoming more prevalent and with the availability of a greater range of cassette options the actual loss of gear inches can be negligible.


New Thule Three-Wheel Strollers

New Thule Three-Wheel Strollers

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 12.19.02 PM.png

Thule's popular and award-winning strollers Thule Urban Glide and Thule Glide have been updated with enhanced features and a design that will appeal to active parents who want to bring their kids along in urban environments as well as on nature paths.

Thule Urban Glide 2 - for active families on the go
Available in single and double version, the Thule Urban Glide 2 three-wheel stroller has a modern and lightweight design, making it perfect for an active family that enjoys the great outdoors as well as getting around town. The design includes large 16" wheels, suspension for comfort and control, and a swivel front wheel for strolling and maneuvering around town that quickly and easily locks in place for jogging or rougher terrain.
Your child will be comfortable for on-the-go naps with the help of a vented reclining seat and a large sun canopy that protects from the elements. The enclosed storage compartment also lets you safely and securely take gear with you to make the most of your day.
Thule Urban Glide 2 is available in four colors: Dark Shadow, Mars, Thule Blue, and the stylish Black on Black, a sophisticated eye-catcher. Thule Urban Glide 2 Double is available in Jet Black. For added convenience and comfort, Thule Urban Glide 2 has a range of accessories, including bassinet and click-in car seat adapter.
Thule Urban Glide 2 will be available in stores from January 2018.
Thule Glide 2 - designed for runners, built for children
Fast, lightweight, and with a fixed front wheel, large 18" wheels, and room for your kick stride, the Thule Glide2 running stroller is designed for parents to get out for a run on different types of terrain. Always with peace of mind, knowing their precious cargo is safe and comfortable.
Packed with intelligent design features, the Thule Glide2 keeps children comfortable and safe. The fully adjustable, padded harness delivers a perfect fit and the ventilated canopy protects from the elements. The rear suspension also means your child can relax and enjoy the ride, while the padded seat reclines to allow on-the-go naps.
Thule Glide 2 is available as a single stroller in Jet Black. In stores from January 2018.

New 2018 Thule Bag

New 2018 Thule Bag

Built to support a day hike, a short backpacking excursion, camping or a weekend away, the Thule AllTrail collection provides unmatched versatility to survive the elements through any activity and every season.

An all-new collection of Thule hiking backpacks is being introduced, specifically designed for the needs of any outdoor enthusiast looking to simplify their pack options. The Thule AllTrail is a collection of two gender-specific sizes, 35L and 45L, with 10 cm/4 in of torso adjustability for the perfect fit. The collection of Thule AllTrail packs will be available in February 2018.
Built for the avid outdoor enthusiast who wants a singular pack for all of their pursuits, the Thule AllTrail is the one pack that does it all. From its integrated rain cover and dedicated hydration sleeve, to the pack's breathable shoulder straps, hipbelt padding and back panel, the Thule AllTrail has it all.


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Juliana Launches New Strega 170mm Bike

Juliana Launches New Strega 170mm Bike

By: Chipps | June 1st, 2017

Juliana bikes has also launched a new bike today. The Strega is now one of the longest travel women’s mountain bikes on the market, exceeding the company’s own Rubion. And while it looks like it’s just a rebadged Santa Cruz, Juliana is quick to point out that it goes to great lengths to spec specific shock tunes for lighter riders, more appropriate ‘touch points’ like saddles and grips – and the bike comes in an Extra Small size (though, to be fair, the new Nomad does too now…)

Claimed to be “more agile and versatile than a Santa Cruz V10, more composed at speed and on steeps than acRoubion, the Strega launches straight into the nowoman’s land of a 170mm travel bike.”

With a 65° head angle and 27.5in wheels, the bike is obviously aimed at hard hitting trail riders and bike park sessioners.

Juliana boasts “suspension tuned appropriately for the anticipated rider, crazy low standover heights and frame size specific dropper posts. Juliana is founded upon a drive to meet the demands of the most committed female outdoor athletes. We’re not afraid to see where that leads us, and the Strega proves that sentiment. It may be the most niche bike we’ve ever produced, but those who know, know that the wickedest of good times lie out there on the fringes.”

And that’s about all we know about the Strega right now, so we’ll turn you over to the spec sheet. It’ll be interesting to see if any of these bikes start appearing at the EWS or Tweedlove rounds coming up. Or is that not what they’re for? It’ll be interesting to see who likes the look of these.


Review: Camelbak H.A.W.G LR 20 Backpack

Review: Camelbak H.A.W.G LR 20 Backpack

This is a review of the latest H.A.W.G backpack from Camelbak. Released to the public late last year after we first got a glimpse of the 2017 H.A.W.G after Chipps caught up with Camelbak at PressCamp in June, we’ve been thrashing one over the past few months to see how the latest design in the long lineage of the H.A.W.G pack stacks up in the real world.

With its new streamlined design, Low Rider profile and the new Crux LR Reservoir, just how good is the H.A.W.G as a hydration pack for all-day riding? Our two-wheeled perpetual riding machine, Rachel Sokal, gives us her thoughts on the new H.A.W.G LR 20.

The HAWG – “Holds A Lotta Water and Gear” – is Camelbak’s 20 litre mountain biking pack. It has a 3 litre bladder and 17 litres’ worth of storage space, which puts it in the large day-pack category. For most of my rides this is more space than I require, but it’s been great on some filthy rides this winter where I have been able to carry an extra layer, a waterproof outer shell, spare gloves, a beanie, tool kit, first aid kit, lunch, snacks and more snacks. It also can easily swallow a camera and has plenty of padding to protect it.


Colnago Featured on

Colnago Featured on


I recently joined the WiggleHigh5 Pro Cycling Team at its media and training camp in Alcudia, Mallorca. As well as getting in some last-minute training before the team headed off to race the Trofeo Alfredo Binda in Italy, the team took some time to chat to me about their training, season so far and bikes, of course.

With the team all riding Colnago C60s, I took a closer look at Rochelle Gilmore's bike — owner of Wiggle High5 Pro Cycling Team and former pro racer.

Complete bike specifications

  • Frame: Colnago C60 (Size 45cm/sloping)
  • Fork: Colnago C60
  • Stem: Deda Alanera (110mm)
  • Handlebar: Deda Alanera (42cm)
  • Handlebar tape: Deda Tape 1400 (Colour – Tape Night Black)
  • Front brake: Campagnolo Super Record – Dual Pivot
  • Rear brake: Campagnolo Super Record – Dual Pivot
  • Front derailleur: Campagnolo Super Record EPS
  • Rear derailleur: Campagnolo Super Record EPS
  • Cassette: Campagnolo Super Record (Size: 11-27t)


Review: Camelbak Mule LR 15 Hydration Pack

Review: Camelbak Mule LR 15 Hydration Pack

Back in the early 2000s, I spent a lot of time riding with a core group of 10-12 guys who rode hard, explored every valley and mountainside, and spent huge days on their bikes. While each individual varied with their set ups and riding style, there was one constant throughout the crew, we all had Camelbak Hawg hydration packs. It gained our trust through thousands of hours of riding, bushwacking and hanging out in the forest — and Camelbak's current Mule LR 15 pack reminds me of those legendary Hawg packs.

Camelbak Mule LR features

  • 100oz Crux LR reservoir (2.84l)12 liters of gear storage
  • 800 gram weight
  • Airfoil back panel
  • Magnetic Tube Trap
  • Stabilizing load-bearing hip belts with cargo
  • Dual reservoir compression straps
  • Rain cover
  • Built-in helmet carry hooks
  • Separate zippered compartment with gear organizer and tool roll
  • Additional top zippered pocket with microfleece lining
  • Overflow storage via two sets of compression straps
  • Reflective accents
  • BikeRadar verdict

    "The Mule LR is supremely comfortable, uses a top-notch reservoir and makes organizing any amount of gear easy"

    Highs: 100oz low-ride reservoir, very comfortable, pockets everywhere, detachable hose, bite valve lock, useful gear storage

    Lows: Not much; upper strap buckles are hard to close, still warm on the back

    Buy if: Your riding needs demand loads of gear and plenty of water and you want one of the best hydration packs on the market


Press Release: New CamelBak Winter Gear

Press Release: New CamelBak Winter Gear

For anyone who likes to duck the rope and step outside the groomers, the all-new CamelBak® Powderhound™ 12 just made sidecountry and out-of-bounds a bit more accessible. The Powderhound 12 packs room for all the winter essentials you need to stay safe so you don’t have to stop at the lodge to refuel. Designed around the brand-new Crux™ 3L Reservoir with QuickLink™, the Powderhound 12 is specifically designed to carry a shovel, avalanche probe, skins, food and personal items. The Therminator™ Harness helps prevent water from freezing by tucking the drink tube away inside a zippered shoulder harness and out of the elements.

“People often underestimate the need to drink plenty of water during winter sports,” said Jon Austen, Senior Director of Product at CamelBak. “Staying properly hydrated, no matter the season, maintains proper focus during intense activity where staying alert and responsive is essential.”

CamelBak also redesigned the Phantom™ LR 24 which is unique in that it lowers the center of gravity on the user by housing the new Crux 3L Lumbar Reservoir on the user’s waist. Water can be one of the heaviest things in your pack, so moving that weight closer the body’s midpoint increases stability and allows the user to move more freely whether hitting big drops or ripping through moguls. The redesigned Phantom also now includes a helmet carry to securely fasten your helmet to your pack.


Review: Camelbak Skyline LR 10

Review: Camelbak Skyline LR 10

Last issue we looked at Camelbak’s Palos 4L bum bag for the ‘fast and light’ crowd, the riders out for an hour after work and for those Enduro Johnnies. For those purposes, it’s great, but there are times – like most rides, where you need more gear than just a tube, some water and a CO2 canister.

The Skyline (and its women’s version, the Solstice) is a 10L pack with a 3L lumbar bladder. It builds on packs like Camelbak’s Charge packs, that bring the weight low and tight around the rider’s hips, rather than down the length of the back. Most of the pack’s weight sits on the hips, with the shoulder straps there for stability and to stop bouncing over bigger bumps.

The Skyline features a good size main compartment, with a loop for a pump and a pocket for the neat, supplied tool roll. This is something you can put your gas and spiky tools in and transport from bike to bike (or throw in a pocket if you’re out with a bottle and a tube). There’s a fleecy media/glasses pocket above that and an external flap for a jacket (or baguette). The waist straps also have handy space for a tool or gels too. Hidden behind the waist pockets are cinch straps to pull the water reservoir tighter in to your back as the volume reduces.


Best Thule Bike Racks For Cars – 2016 Reviews

The Thule 2 Bike Platform Hitch Rack is an interesting little piece that doesn’t seem to be able to do much, but is amazingly functional and versatile. It comes at a rather steep price, but it doesn’t get any better than this in terms of a Thule bike rack. All the company’s knowledge in designing bike racks goes into this model as it is high-quality as it can get. The ultra-compact holder with integrated cable lock secures up to two bikes without making frame contact. The hitch Switch TM lever folds and stores platform when idle or tilts down for easy rear vehicle access. A reinforced tray provides maximum strength and rust-free protection. The adjustable wheel strap quickly and easily secures the backwheel to the tray. This Thule bike rack is compatible with all 20 to 29-inch wheel diameter bicycles with up to 3-inch wide tires. In addition it is easy to assemble and with the extra option for customization.

The Thule 990XT Doubletrack 2-Bike Hitch Mount Carrier is a functional 2-bike holder with reinforced wheel trays that serve as platform to eliminate bike-to-bike contact. The wheel trays slide independently along platforms to minimize bike contact. A hitch switch lever folds and stores platform when not in use. Bikes are transported via vehicle’s 1-¼ -inch or 2-inch receivers. This Thule bike rack is easy to assemble and mount, built with the main focus of transporting a bicycle without any damage to the frame. The system benefits from a sturdy bike mounting method, thus minimizing movement. Another advantage of this model is that it works well with non-standard bike frames.

Bicycling Reviews Colnago Concept

Bicycling Reviews Colnago Concept

The Colnago Concept represents a notable expansion in the company’s product range: The company's newest race frame is also its first true aero-road frame. 

Colnago may seem like a late arrival to the aero-road game, but a look through the company’s archives proves the Concept is built on the backs of some of the company’s most influential products. Throughout its 60-plus-year history, Colnago has supplied race teams with time-trial bikes, and riders like Tony Rominger with special equipment for the pursuit of the hour record.  This Concept is the second Colnago to bear the model name. The first Concept was shown in 1986, a radical bike designed in partnership with Ferrari Engineering. Unlike most carbon frames of that era—which used carbon tubes, but metal lugs—the 1986 Concept used carbon tubes and lugs, making it one of the first all-carbon road frames. 

At some point in the V1-r design process, Colnago’s product team needed to choose a path: make a lighter, but less aero bike; or make it more aero, but heavier. Colnago chose the former, and the resulting V1-r was a lightweight (835 grams claimed) road frame with some aerodynamic enhancements: a similar recipe to that of Cervelo’s R-series, Specialized’s Tarmac, Cannondale’s SuperSix Evo, Canyon’s Ultimate CF SLX, and Pinarello’s Dogma F8. But the other path was not forgotten: Colnago eventually returned to the more aerodynamic frame with the Concept.