Santa Cruz and Juliana debut a pair of new school bikes for gravel, cyclocross, adventure and more

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Two wheel sizes, generous tire clearance, and a compliant ride quality are just the tip of the iceberg on the updated Santa Cruz Stigmata and all-new Juliana Quincy—the pair of gravel/cyclocross/adventure bikes officially unleashed today. Add to the mix integrated fender mounts and bosses for three bottle cages, and you begin to see why these bikes represent a new era of versatility.

All the versatility in the world isn't worth much if the bike doesn't fit, which is why the Quincy fits riders from five feet and up with an available 49cm frame. On the other end of the spectrum, Stigmata tops out at 60cm for the more grandiose among us. Throughout the size run, crank arms, BB heights, and fork offsets have been optimized for specific frame sizes, so the bikes feel as dialed for riders on margins as it does for those in the middle.

We gave the Quincy and Stigmata generous stay and fork clearance in order to accommodate 700c tires up to 45mm wide and 650b tires up to 2.1-inches. The recently released Reserve 22 700c and Reserve 25 650b carbon wheelsets were made for these bikes and bring the same compliant feel, light weight, and reliability you've come to know from our mountain bike wheels. Naturally, they come with the same worry-free lifetime warranty as well.

All builds come equipped with flat mount hydraulic disc brakes. You also get the choice of SRAM's AXS wireless shifting or traditional cable-actuated drivetrains. In any configuration, Quincy and Stigmata are heavy on grins and stoked on high-fives. 

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- Wheel Size:
 700c and 650b
- Materials: CC carbon only
- Stigmata Size Range: 52, 54, 56, 58, 60cm
- Stigmata Colors: Mustard Yellow, Olive Green
- Stigmata Builds: Red AXS Reserve 700c, Force AXS Reserve 650b, Force AXS 650b, Ultegra 700c, Rival 700c
- Quincy Size Range: 49, 52, 54cm
- Quincy Color: Midnight Blue
- Quincy Builds: Force AXS Reserve 650b, Force AXS 650b, Rival 700c
- 700c x 45mm / 650b x 2.1-inch tire clearance
- 27.2mm seat post with stealth dropper routing
- 68mm threaded bottom bracket
- 12x100 front thru-axle; 142x12 rear thru-axle
- Three bottle cage mounts
- Fender mounts
- Clamp-on front derailleur mount
- Santa Cruz Reserve carbon wheel upgrade option
- Lifetime warranty on frame, and Reserve wheels