A Brief Overview To Understanding Bike Tire Tread Design

Imagine planning a road trip…

…and on this road trip you will traverse various types of road surfaces and weather conditions, you will cruise long stretches of smooth comfortable highway, encounter tight mountain switchbacks, as well as washboard dirt roads littered with rocks leading to some out-of-the-way camp site locations in the deep woods. With vehicle cargo capacity disregarded, for this journey what vehicle do you imagine driving — Porsche 911? Jeep Wrangler? A big Cadillac Escalade?

Choosing the right tires for your bike is a similar experience depending on the style of riding you want to accomplish, the style of ride you enjoy most, acceptable compromises of performance to function and ability, and also the kind of environmental challenges you may encounter. For instance, if you most favor those winding hairpin mountain switchbacks you’re probably going to choose the Porsche 911… but will the 911 also get you down those rough dirt roads to your campsite? A Jeep Wrangler will certainly allow you to enjoy the off-road driving taking you to your campsite, but you’re probably getting zero thrills getting there when slowly navigating through those mountainous switchbacks in a Wrangler.

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July 23 by, Serfas