The Whiskey Off-Road is a triple threat: the event combines a three-day party, an amateur mountain bike race, and an elite competition into one weekend in Prescott, Arizona. The race is named after Prescott’s famed “Whiskey Row”— a saloon-lined stretch of South Montezuma Street. The centerpiece of the event is a 50-mile race that takes riders through some of the area’s best scenery as they compete on everything from paved trail to jeep roads and singletrack. According to veteran riders, the race features every possible type of terrain—except for flat ground.

Unlike other event organizers, the folks at Epic Rides are focused on culture just as much as competition—they want to make each event an all-around celebration of mountain biking. In addition to the elite competition, each weekend features some shorter events that are accessible to people who are new to the sport, plus concerts and parties for spectators who aren’t there to race.

We followed CamelBak Proto Team rider 6'8" Nate on this year's Whiskey Off-Road course, and talked to him about what it's like to walk away from a desk job and devote yourself to bikes full-time. In his words, “I would suffer through a 50-mile hill climb any day over sitting in a conference room for 8 hours of meetings.”

- CamelBak Story by Kate Worteck