This is a review of the latest H.A.W.G backpack from Camelbak. Released to the public late last year after we first got a glimpse of the 2017 H.A.W.G after Chipps caught up with Camelbak at PressCamp in June, we’ve been thrashing one over the past few months to see how the latest design in the long lineage of the H.A.W.G pack stacks up in the real world.

With its new streamlined design, Low Rider profile and the new Crux LR Reservoir, just how good is the H.A.W.G as a hydration pack for all-day riding? Our two-wheeled perpetual riding machine, Rachel Sokal, gives us her thoughts on the new H.A.W.G LR 20.

The HAWG – “Holds A Lotta Water and Gear” – is Camelbak’s 20 litre mountain biking pack. It has a 3 litre bladder and 17 litres’ worth of storage space, which puts it in the large day-pack category. For most of my rides this is more space than I require, but it’s been great on some filthy rides this winter where I have been able to carry an extra layer, a waterproof outer shell, spare gloves, a beanie, tool kit, first aid kit, lunch, snacks and more snacks. It also can easily swallow a camera and has plenty of padding to protect it.