A Game Changing Colnago?

It was good advice as the C40 was an absolute classic. It was, at the time, what appeared to be the perfect blend of style and performance and was the bike I would ride immediately before riding any review bikes to get a baseline for what a good bike should be. So I would tend to be in agreeance that everyone should own a least one Colnago. The problem with that however is that not everyone can afford a top line Colnago and some of the more affordable models have often fallen short of the mark. The new C-RS though could be the bike to change all that.

Classic Features, Modern Twist

The C-RS is not classic Colnago, but it could be seen to be a reimagining, or reworking of the classic features with a modern twist. In a way it reflects my own feelings about cycling; I love the traditions that cycling has embedded in its history, yet equally I enjoy the path of technological advancement that cycling is taking. I respect that cycling had rules around the team kits, but was cheering for Mario Cipollini when he thumbed his nose at those very rules.

The C-RS is what Colnago are calling their ‘entry level’ road bike however this statement could be a little misleading as it certainly doesn’t look like an entry level road bike. The C-RS cuts a fine figure and is unmistakeably Colnago thanks to the bold white on black decals which include the famous name, Ernesto Colnago’s signature and the equally recognisable Colnago ‘ace of clubs’. The C-RS would easily hold its own in any café line up even against bikes costing more than twice as much.


Also very typically of Colnago are the heavily shaped tubes and straight fork, and equally the quirky sizing on their models, so it is best to do your homework on the geometry charts before taking the leap.

Affordable Quality

While $3,599 may not be everyone’s idea of an entry level price tag it is certainly a great price for a premium brand bike, and it has to be said that the Colnago C-RS Colnago isn’t kitted out like any other brands interpretation of entry level.

The C-RS is equipped with Shimano’s ever reliable Ultegra groupset in its rim brake version. While disc brakes certainly seem to be on trend at the moment in 99% of on road riding situations the current crop of rim brakes are certainly more than adequate and it also means that those who like to pin on a number are able to fully utilize the C-RS for racing duties.

The C-RS has avoided any cost cutting by substitution of brands, and carries the Ultegra spec from top to toe. The crankset is the 50-34 compact variety with 172.5 cranks, and while compact cranks are not everyone’s cup of tea they are becoming more prevalent and with the availability of a greater range of cassette options the actual loss of gear inches can be negligible.