Thule's a very familiar name in the world of products with which you can adhere expensive play toys to your vehicle. 15 years later, I'm still trying to find screws at Ace Hardware to secure my Thule ski rack to the roof of my car, as it's still going strong despite having lost all the small parts over the course of multiple summers of haphazard off-season storage. 

Their T2 Pro hitch rack is a stupid easy bike rack with a flexible enough setup for anything from kids' bikes to big 29" wheels to monster 5" fat bike tires. Somewhat larger and burlier than other racks we've tested, likeYakima's HoldUP rack, the T2 Pro works best with cars that have some ground clearance (i.e., not my Volkswagen Jetta), since protective bits of the frame stick out below the main hitch. 

It's also got some of the cleanest and most user-friendly mechanisms for securing and locking the rack to your car, with a fish hook hitch bolt that tightens down to eliminate side-to-side play with a twisting mechanism that can then be locked with a provided key. Also highly convenient is the pull handle at the end of that rack with which you open it up or drop it down and away from the car to access the trunk.